Do you guys put “Quantum” in front of everything?

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The Wasp and Ant-Man

Right – time for another movie review!

Finally caught Ant-Man and The Wasp – the sequel to Ant-Man Without The Wasp aka Ant-Man – in the cinema this morning.

Now there are a bunch of movies out right now, all of which I want to watch: Jurassic World II, The Incredibles II, The Meg, and loads of others. But there is simply not enough time these days – during the week I’m working, and than too shattered in the evenings to go anywhere, and on the weekends, I have either errands to run or meet up with some friends. So all of those movies are just there, taunting me from their billboards and cinema trailers and internet reviews, but I just can’t find the time or energy to go.

Well – so far I have managed to watch every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in the cinema, and – despite the disaster that was Thor: Ragnarok (and I might write about it, once the pain and the anger subside) – I shall continue to do so. (Well – I will definitely skip the upcoming Thor: Ragna-Ruining A Character We Never Got With Even More Utterly Unfunny Jokes…)

I really enjoyed it – it was just perfect fun. The characters are endearing and the story – for a change – was not about The End Of All There Is or The Umpteenth Infinity Stone, but it had human stakes. And because I knew the characters and I cared for the, the stakes were high for me as well.

And the actors were great – Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas were comfortable in their roles and utterly entertaining, but it was wonderful to see Michelle Pfeiffer again – she was just effortlessly charming, and although she only had a few scenes, she stole them all for me. But she was always my one and only Catwoman, so fo course I would think so.

It is also funny – they changed things from the comics, partially drastically, and usually I should be annoyed at that. But it is just evident that the characters are respected and evolved to fit a bigger story, and – with the help of some stunning CGI – we still had Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne as the Original Ant-Man and The Wasp, and they were heroic and inspiring, and I am happy.

Just nice to see a good and entertaining movie.

Please stand clear for the usual bloggering

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So the great guys at Machighway managed to fix the issue that stopped me from posting anything from my blog software – it took them a few weeks, and I was passed on from one support representative to the other for a while, but everything seems fine now.

In the meantime, I have also – once more – changed my blog software –  seems to have been silently discontinued, and Blogo just feels a bit un-Maclike in its GUI (although it does have the advantage that it runs on both MacOS and iOs, so I probably will keep it around).

So now I have installed Marsedit  – which of course is the best known and likely best blog software on the Mac, period. It’s Mac-like as Mac-like can be, and it seems to have quite a number of other features I haven’t checked yet. (And it did produce a bloody error.log file, which I think helped enormously to fix the problem!). I have been avoiding it for some silly reason I can’t remember anymore, but it has a nice 30 day trial, and I think I shall buy it. (As long as it’s not some kind of subscription – need to check.)

What do with all those test posts? I think they’re funny in their own silly way, but of course they clog up the timeline a bit.

On the other hand, no one reads this stuff here anyway, apart from me, and it’s nice to see the history of this site. I think I’ll leave, until enough of my loyal spambots in the comments complain, and then I can hide the posts or something.

Alright, bloggers, let’s do some blogging!


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Can I hope?! Does this thing work now??