An Experiment in Thoughts

by Deep Thinker on 11 March, 2013, no comments

So this is amazing!

Just as Posterous is imminently shutting down – as I so eloquently predicted -, I got myself the domain!

Last time I checked, was run by a utterly weirdo semi-squatting guitar strings company while is being sold for a bazillion dollahs. And today, I just completely incidently checked again, and weirdo semi-squatting guitar strings company has apparently given up the domain. I immediately grabbed it, and hopefully it will be active soon.

Unfortunately, I can only rejoice until the 30 April, when Posterous will go sublime and all of this will be flushed down the Internets. Which is a shame, because I always thought the reason I never did some proper blogging was due to not being able to have the domain name I wanted.

Anyway, I need to see if I can move this blog somewhere else – and start a new chapter in the saga of relentless firing of neurons!

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