AOL shuts down ComicsAlliance without a word

by Deep Thinker on 29 April, 2013, no comments

Comicbookresources reports that AOL has pulled the plug on ComicsAlliance, one of my favorite comic sites, and basically the only one I have been checking regularly for news and great articles (mainly the inimitable Chris Sims). They apparently were not even given the chance to post a final good-bye.

(No official word yet if this is true, so I shall hold back with my opinions. After all, this is the honourable internet where people tend to gather and review all the facts before they offer objective and constructive comment.)

Update 30/4/2013: I think we can safely assume that this has happened. It’s been confirmed by a number of authors on Twitter, and the website has had no further updates since last week.

What a shame. It’s not only sad to see a great website disappear – a site, which simply was great fun to read, showed me that there were still interesting comics out there, and made me laugh. But it’s even more annoying the way they did it – without any official word from AOL, and without giving the authors any chance to react and say good-bye.

AOL sucks. Never, ever liked them anyway – still remember how they covered the entire country with their stupid “Free Trial! CDs” and the gangrenous user interface they wanted to sell as the Internet. I am in fact amazed that they still exist, but I am convinced, not for very much longer.

Bye, CA.

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