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Apple Music Sucks

by Deep Thinker on 3 April, 2021, no comments

Source: Your Product Sucks — Apple Music macOS review – YouTube An expletive laden, but accurate account of the Apple Music software experience on the Mac. Apple’s increasing fixation on services revenue while dropping the ball on software quality and user experience is becoming a real problem for the Mac.


by Deep Thinker on 14 March, 2021, no comments

Two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives suspect that everything is not as it seems. Source: Watch WandaVision | Full episodes | Disney+ Hey – long time no post. (Mainly because my blogging software still does not work with my website host, and every time I fix it, it unfixes itself a few minutes later.) […]

We are Venom

by Deep Thinker on 13 October, 2018, no comments

I needed a break from everything yesterday, so I went and watched Venom. Now, I am pretty neutral about Venom, the comic character – or maybe less than neutral: I think the character is bland, one-note and a product of the 90s best left in that era. I don’t mind the character, but I don’t […]

Blogging resumption imminent

by Deep Thinker on 21 July, 2018, no comments

Huh. Looks pretty silent around here. What happened?Well, apart from, you know – LIFE, my blogging software stopped connecting to my website, and I just could not be bothered to contact my service provider to fix it.But I have done so now, so this is just a test blog post to see if things work.Here’s […]

The one you feed

by Deep Thinker on 20 May, 2017, no comments

I just caught up with the movie Tomorrowland on Netflix, after I missed it last year two years ago in the cinema. I had not been too bothered about it, as I skimmed some generally meh reviews. This had surprised me, because the trailer had been interesting, it had George Clooney in it, and it was directed […]

The Greatest

by Deep Thinker on 4 June, 2016, no comments

I was nine years old, when I first learnt about Muhammad Ali – in possibly my favourite comic of all time, Superman vs Muhammad Ali. He was my father’s hero, and when he told me about him, he became my hero, too. Later, when I grew up, and many of my idols faded away, this […]


by Deep Thinker on 21 February, 2016, no comments

I just learned that Umberto Eco has passed away yesterday. His most famous book was The Name of The Rose, but I have also read Foucault’s Pendulum, Baudelino, and even some of his irreverent prose about Naples and the Italian way of life. I also was fascinated by his study of Semiotics – even today, […]

“I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.”

by Deep Thinker on 6 November, 2015, no comments

I just came back from watching The Martian (all the screens are now showing the newest James Bond movie, so I am happy I managed to catch this movie still in cinema). What a great movie! Now I need to search the interwebs to fact-check all the science because thinking about how much of all of this is actually possible […]