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by Deep Thinker on 4 December, 2014, no comments

This is the week of the great trailers.

I admit, after I read the synopsis of the new Terminator movie, I thought it would be total rubbish. And the title „Genesys“ (wot?) just reeks of stupidity and a desperate attempt to be kewl.

But after watching the trailer – with no expectations whatsoever – I was pleasantly surprised.

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor is fantastic, and it is just great to see Arnie again in the role he was born to play. And while the actor playing Reece is not Michael Biehn-y enough for me, I am intrigued by the presence of a T-1000 (and hope we get a Robert Patrick cameo at least).

And the little twists and quirks and nods to the original movies they put in there – like the famous, indispensable „I’ll be back“ quote and her hilarious reply – just made me really excited about this.

I absolutely loved T1 and T2 – who didn’t? -, but I was gravely disappointed with T3. John Connor was just completely miscast, the attempts at call-backs to the original movies were pathetic („Talk to the hand“ – barf!) and the twist ending, while maybe necessary to breathe new life into the franchise, was an insult to the message of hope and self-determination of the first two movies. Kristianna Locken as the T-X was great, but they did not do enough with the concept, and it was too much a rehash of the T-1000. T3 really spoilt the whole series for me, and I got disinterested.

I therefore did not mind T-Salvation – it was fun entertainment, but bland and forgettable. Literally – I cannot remember much of the plot.

So – very low expectations for this one, but this trailer looked really interesting.

Next year will be an amazing year for movies!

(Update 1 September 2021: The YouTube link broke, so updated to a new link.)

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