My darling Clementine

by Deep Thinker on 14 July, 2012, no comments

(I am still not doing anything with this blog, but that may be because it’s so awkward to post with Posterous. Oh well.)

Anyway, I realised that I promised when I started out that I would talk about the font I am using for the title.

The font is called Clementine Sketch and I found it here.

My darling Clementine

It has been created by the very talented Teagan White and she made it available for free which is amazing of her!

There is a little trick to using the font – you need to start every word with a capital, and finish with a “^”-character, in order to have the beginnings and ends of the words closed.

I really like the playfulness and sketchiness of the look.

Thank you, Teagan, for creating this!

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