Not quite dead yet.

by Deep Thinker on 9 June, 2011, no comments

Not quite dead yet.
Grass Crawling Zombie Woman, she asks “Why You No Post, Deep Thinker?”


There may have been no new posts in the last few months, but I’m still fiddling. I actually have posted a few private blog posts here and there as a trial, but did not feel they warranted publication.

I may be posting more, if stupid Posterous would finally provide the necessary APIs to support blogging software like MarsEdit.

Obviously, any blogs which

  1. keep blogging about blogging all the time instead of, you know, put up some kind of actual content
  2. promise that the blog is not dead yet, and intense blogging shall resume any minute now, promise-promise

are in reality already deader than a doornail.

Therefore at present, for all intents and purposes, this is an undead shambling decomposing Zombie blog, which is just too stupid to know it’s dead.

Oh well. The experiment continues.


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