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by Deep Thinker on 14 August, 2018, no comments

So the great guys at Machighway managed to fix the issue that stopped me from posting anything from my blog software – it took them a few weeks, and I was passed on from one support representative to the other for a while, but everything seems fine now.

In the meantime, I have also – once more – changed my blog software –  seems to have been silently discontinued, and Blogo just feels a bit un-Maclike in its GUI (although it does have the advantage that it runs on both MacOS and iOs, so I probably will keep it around).

So now I have installed Marsedit  – which of course is the best known and likely best blog software on the Mac, period. It’s Mac-like as Mac-like can be, and it seems to have quite a number of other features I haven’t checked yet. (And it did produce a bloody error.log file, which I think helped enormously to fix the problem!). I have been avoiding it for some silly reason I can’t remember anymore, but it has a nice 30 day trial, and I think I shall buy it. (As long as it’s not some kind of subscription – need to check.)

What do with all those test posts? I think they’re funny in their own silly way, but of course they clog up the timeline a bit.

On the other hand, no one reads this stuff here anyway, apart from me, and it’s nice to see the history of this site. I think I’ll leave, until enough of my loyal spambots in the comments complain, and then I can hide the posts or something.

Alright, bloggers, let’s do some blogging!

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