Star Trek Into Darkness

by Deep Thinker on 27 May, 2013, no comments


I watched the new Star Trek movie yesterday. I thought it was really suspenseful and I liked it.

Checking out some online reviews afterwards, I just found it funny, that changes to a classic Star Trek villain are met with universal uproar, while utterly screwing up a classic villain in Ironman 3 is just shrugged off.

Nerds do not equal nerds.

But no worries: I have made my peace, and am moving on.

(Oh, but this is just friendly teasing – I love io9, probably the best website for Science and Fiction (and I loathe their comment system – but I digress…))

P.S. Oh man! Researching for this post, I found this – which was freakin’ hilarious. I now will become a better person, and let this topic be.

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