The Deadly Hands of…

by Deep Thinker on 31 August, 2021, no comments


Source: Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

I should comment on this, after my very public disapproval of the portrayal of the “Mandarin” in Ironman 3.

This looks amazing! I am really pleased, that they are finally giving the Mandarin the spotlight he deserves – after setting him up as an arch villain so long ago in the very first Ironman movie, that kicked off this entire franchise in the first place. They have reimagined the rings as arm bands, but I am withholding judgment until I have seen the movie. It certainly suggests the appearance of a certain purple-pants wearing dragon as the original wielder of the rings.

I read the original Shang-Chi stories in The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu comics that came out in the 70s, but which seem to be mostly forgotten. There were very much influenced by the Kung-Fu craze of their times, but the stories were often sad and thoughtful and many stuck with me. It does not look like we will get any of that in the movie, which is probably understandable.

Still – can’t wait!



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