Twitter gobbles up Posterous

by Deep Thinker on 12 March, 2012, one comment

Twitter gobbles up Posterous


So, the service with “over 300 million users” – of which most are simple cyber squatters and username zombies – buys Posterous.

I am not surprised – Posterous has been just hanging on in there for a while, with no clear direction what it wants to be (Posterous Spaces?!? – Huh?).

I’m happy for them that someone gave them lots of money – but I don’t think Posterous will be around for much longer. I mean, honestly – what would Twitter do with a blogging service? Tweets and blogs are completely seperate things, and there’s enough blogging services around. No, they bought them for the brain power.

Oh well. Let’s see how much longer this goes.

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