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...and I never found the background picture with the shark...

The PowerBook G3 – my very first Mac.

Well, as everyone is celebrating 30 years of Macintosh, I thought  I just briefly bring up my very first Mac – the Powerbook G3 (Wallstreet). I saved for ages, waiting for the first Mac that seemed like the right one to buy – almost settling on the PowerBook 5400, but simply feeling like there was something missing…

I still remember sitting in a park, on a sunny spring day in 1997, and reading in Macworld magazine about the brand-new PowerBook G3: Checking out the specs, checking out the pictures, and simply being joyous that I had found the exact Mac I had been waiting for! “Kensington cable lock slot!”

I got the base configuration a few months later, as I could not afford more, with no internal modem (I think six months later, the Pismo revision came out with an internal modem as default, and that was the only thing I regretted, because modems at that time were big and chunky) – but it was an amazing, beautiful computer, and I could not have been happier. This was a computer unlike anything before, with its smooth and sensual curves, and the raw power and endless possibilities it offered. I had it for over three years, using it for anything I could imagine, and it went with me literally all over the world.

I loved my Book of Power. And I have been on Macs ever since.

So – happy anniversary, Macintosh – let’s see, where the next 30 years will take us!

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