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Source: (40) Celebrating Steve | October 5 | Apple – YouTube

It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs passed away. The internet was full of tributes, reminiscences and reflections, and on Apple’s own website there was a moving film that beautiful captured the essence of the man.

I bought my first Apple computer the same year Steve returned to the company that he founded, and I was there for the ride. My most memorable moments were his wonderful keynotes, and the anticipation and excitement that I felt when he introduced the next new Apple device. It is difficult to convey the sense of community and wonder during the time he was at Apple.

It was a big shock when he passed – it should have been expected for anyone who had eyes to see, but like many other Apple faithfuls, we were in denial until the last day -, and like others have said, much better than me, he was taken way too early.

But I think this tweet I read sums up his legacy perfectly:

Let’s put a dent into the universe. Every day.

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