My first spam comment

by Deep Thinker on 25 March, 2013, no comments

Got my first spam comment today, yeah!

The lovely and talented Michael Kors Bags (Is Bags his surname? Does a spambot even have a name?) made this valuable comment on one of my posts:

I really have any of these Michael Kors Bags for the toast colors so passion these individuals. they are best for Wisconsin winter snow storms! I have had Michael Kors Bags up until recently but practically never the artificial leather trend. I feel musing about the best ways to treat these individuals. they seem to simply end up getting busted and look considerably more tatty. Is certainly, there that is to safeguard these individuals? The majority of the Michael Kors Bags due care say that it truly is needed for sheepkin which is nicer. thank you very much

I am so pleased to learn about the toast colours so passion these individuals! I feel musing!! Thank you, sheepkin Michael Kors Bags, for safeguard these individuals! Is certainly!

Anyway, looks like I need to activate the WordPress spambot filter in order to deal with this sudden spike in popularity.

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