Twitter is at least two-third dead

by Deep Thinker on 10 June, 2011, no comments

Twitter is at least two-third dead

And speaking of dead…

I thought I get myself a Twitter account to go with the theme of this site, and it would be great if I could get myself a username going along the lines of “thinking” or similar…

Now, Twitter has at the last count 175 million registered users, so I expected that some usernames may be taken already. However, I was disappointed that a vast number of my favoured usernames were already taken – and then increasingly surprised, then almost two-thirds of these were used by accounts which very obviously were not being used at all.

The following Twitter accounts are by all intents and purposes dead and unused; they are not following anyone and have not tweeted anything in years, if ever:

thought (thought)

THiNK (think)

thunk (thunk)

deepthinker (deepthinker)


Thought experiments (thoughtxp)

Thinking Geography (thinking)


DeepTweet (deeptweet)


thinkingcap (thinkingcap)

though (though)

Thinks (thinks)

(I even tried one a bit more out there, to go with the current Zombie theme: (brains) – and that one is dead as well. Figures!)


These here, on the other hand, seem alive and well:

Deep Thought (deepthought)

Gary Angell (thinker)

James SW (thinked)

Stephen Chanasyk (deepthinking)

theThought (thethought)

(And this guy: Joel Silberman (thoughtexperime) is my hero. Twitter does not allow more than 15 letters for the username, but if Joel Silberman wants to call himself “thoughtexperiment”, then by God, he will call himself “thoughtexperime*choke*…)

Of course this is not representative, but makes you, uh, think.



I found this article, which basically confirms the sad affair of dead Twitter accounts.

CHART OF THE DAY: How Many Users Does Twitter REALLY Have?


I also checked domain names, just for fun. is up for sale. And takes you to… this abomination:

Twitter is at least two-third dead

Some things are worse than death.



Oh, and if you wonder about the screwed up formatting on this post… It’s Posterous. ‘Nuff said.


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