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by Deep Thinker on 29 August, 2021, no comments

So, once again, I asked the friendly folks from MacHighway to fix my site, as none of my blogging software was working. Keen readers of my website1 will remember, that a few years ago, we went through a long and convoluted process of trying to fix this same issue, and the best we could achieve was fix it temporarily, letting one or two posts through, before it mysteriously reset itself. After a while I just gave up, and so this was the reason why there has been so little blogging.

Over the last few weeks, I became more interested again to do something with my website. Once again, I encountered the issue that none of the standard blogging software – neither the WordPress app on iOS nor Marsedit on the Mac – wanted to connect with my site, and I really got fed up. I was already exploring alternative hosts with dedicated WordPress installs, but I found that MacHighway still was competitive, and I wanted to give them one last chance. So I filed another ticket – and this time, it was escalated straight away to hopefully someone who knew what they were talking about. This morning, I got the message that they fixed the access to the xml-something-someting file, and that the issue should be resolved now. (We have been there before!)

I immediately fired up Marsedit, and it still could not connect. However, the WordPress app on iOS finally connected, and so did the Drafts app. And on the Mac, I got Byword to connect. I sent out a few test posts, which all went through. So far, so good. (Although, we have been there before!)

So this is my first post which is written on Byword on the Mac, and which I shall try to publish now. If that works, we shall wait and see if the issue recurs immediately after a few days as it has done before. If not, then I will be quite pleased.

It is still annoying if I cannot use Marsedit, but I am hopeful that this will be something I can figure out myself. Until then, Byword seems to be okay for now.

Aaaaand – publish!

  1. all two and a half of them! 

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