Yup – stupid.

by Deep Thinker on 7 August, 2010, no comments

Okay, sending posts by email is very opaque and unreliable. I’ve sent two posts, who seemed to have gone into Nirvana, and for all I know, may have ended up on someone else’s website. Not happy.

So my trial account at thoughtexperiment.squarespace.com  has expired a few days ago, and I thought to try out another free option instead while I decide if I really need a blog.

I wanted to try out Tumblr first – but the name “Thought Experiment” was already taken – apparently, by a dead guy – so I went for Posterous.

Up to now, not so impressed. The web management GUI is pretty horrible, compared to Squarespace (but hey, it’s free!), and MarsEdit does not work with Posterous (it would have worked with Tumblr – sigh). Trying to send posts via email seems to be hit and miss.

Also not really happy with the look of the website – I’d like to have a nice and clean black and white, but there’s a yellow posterous badge, an RSS icon I can’t get rid of, and a profile picture which is really superfluous.

Up to now, Squarespace was better – but not worth the money yet.

Oh well. Let’s see how it goes.

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